Moistura Silk


We found that achieving the style and having the look of healthy hair is just the beginning…the “true” test is when your hair looks good, smells good and feels good…then you know it is good! When we Caress and Touch our hair and adore it’s limitless potential; we connect to our inner drive. 

Now your thoughts of how your hair should look, smell and feel can come to life with Moistura Silk Interactive Technology that connects with your senses to deliver a hair experience in which you can Touch and Feel the difference. #SensesDon’tLie



Moistura Silk reveals the power of attraction between science and feelings using interactive moisturizing and protective ingredients to create the look, the touch and feel of hair: shine that looks and feels silky, satin-soft moisture, smooth control and touchable hold.

Moistura Silk Styling integrates a universal product within a complementary system that adjusts to the styling needs of all textures, delivering results that you can see, smell, and feel the difference. #SensesDon’tLie

Our safe, quality, effective products are mineral oil free, paraben free, petrolatum free, propylene glycol free, gluten free, DEA free, GMO free, and we absolutely do not test on animals.

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